My Projects

Building small projects helps me in learning and understanding concepts.


An open source clone of Unsplash


In browser PDF save and Read

Goblet of Fire Polls

Blockchain based DApp for polling

Mattermost Plugin Netlify

A two way integration plugin between Mattermost app and Netlify


App ideas to hack your next personal project for coming weekend.


A fast and secure url shortener without trackers or adds. can be

Quiz in CLI

A small quiz cli app with time limit. Quiz questions can be uploaded via CSV

Chromium Updater

A simple Chromium updater for Linux x64. Since chromium is frequently releasing builds, this utility makes sure you have the latest version of browser.


A github bot which tweets the issues opened in your github repository.

Battery prophet

Browser reminder that encourages best battery practices for your laptop by sending reminders on when to connect and disconnect the power